Paul Stafford is a Force in the Community



Friends and Neighbors,

I believe it is a fundamental American value that we care for other people. Yes, each of us must be responsible, work hard and do all we can to care for our families and loved ones. But the definition of caring cannot stop with one's own personal circle. This is America. We are a people. The fabric of our society is strengthened when we help each other be successful.

Do these ideas sound old-fashioned? Perhaps they are, but in a world of Trumpism, defined by hatred and division, us versus them thinking, and partisan extremes, we need to return to good old-fashioned American values.

I'm talking about looking out for your neighbors. I'm talking about mentoring that young person you know who is bright but could use some insight into how to navigate the future. I'm talking about the elderly person you know who might need a window air conditioner installed during a Texas heat wave.

I'm also talking about fundamental fairness - policies that make our country fairer, more just, and abundant with opportunity for all. We need to envision public education as an investment in our future, not an expense. If we would just expand Medicaid, more people in Texas could have access to quality, affordable health care. We have to protect women's rights to health care and the freedom to make decisions with their own doctors. We need civil and voting rights protections, and fair districts that allow citizens to elect the leaders of their choice who reflect their values.

House District 100 is a multifaceted one, with wide ranging social and economic differences. Part of our focus must be investing in areas that have been neglected. Many citizens could benefit from more affordable housing, economic development, a focus on education, and better paying jobs.

I worked very hard as a young person to get the best education I could. I have gone on to be a successful attorney. But I have always looked beyond my own house. I have sought ways to help others through charity work, service with community organizations, teaching and mentoring.

I want to be your next State Representative for House District 100 because I want to do more. Texas is changing. We could flip the Texas House in 2020 and really begin to create positive change with greater power in Austin. I have the background, the track record of involvement, the ability to build relationships, and most important, the genuine commitment to work for you in Austin.

I hope to earn your support through this campaign.


Paul Stafford

Democrat for Texas House District 100